IDTitleDescriptionEpidemic and Data TypeModeling and Data ToolsStep in processDate Last ModifiedFile SizeLinkhf:tax:doc_id_numberhf:tax:doc_epidemic_and_data_typehf:tax:doc_modeling_and_data_toolshf:tax:doc_training_type
54Installing Java if using EPPHow to install Java, which is required if using EPPAllAllf_Additional helpAugust 31, 20215 MB54allallf_additional-help
21ABasic steps to update AEMExplains the basic steps to update your AEM data and run the projectionConcentrated-Using key population survey dataAEM (Asian Epidemic Model)c_Updating your modelAugust 31, 20212 MB21aconcentrated_using_key_population_survey_dataaem_asian_epidemic_modelc_updating-your-model
40GUnder the hood: EPP generalizedProvides the concept behind the EPP model and explains in detail how EPP produces incidence trends estimates from multiple prevalence data sources.GeneralizedEPP gene_In-depth model explanationAugust 31, 202173 MB40ggeneralizedepp_gene_in-depth-model-explanation
40CUnder the hood: EPP (Concentrated)For concentrated epidemics: A deep dive to understanding the EPP moduleConcentrated-Using case surveillance dataEPP conce_In-depth model explanationAugust 31, 202175 MB40cconcentrated_using_case_surveillance_dataepp_conce_in-depth-model-explanation
40AUnder the hood: AEMFor concentrated epidemics: A deep dive to understanding the AEM moduleConcentrated-Using key population survey dataAEM (Asian Epidemic Model)e_In-depth model explanationAugust 31, 20212 MB40aconcentrated_using_key_population_survey_dataaem_asian_epidemic_modele_in-depth-model-explanation
40SUnder the hood: CSAVRA deep dive to understanding the CSAVR moduleConcentrated-Using key population survey dataCSAVR Modulee_In-depth model explanationAugust 31, 202146 MB40sconcentrated_using_key_population_survey_datacsavr_modulee_in-depth-model-explanation
52GHow to import the estimates into the PEPFAR datapackProvides information on how to transfer data from Spectrum to the US Government DatapackGeneralizedData packf_Additional helpAugust 31, 202144 MB52ggeneralizeddata_packf_additional-help
31Using modelled resultsExplains how to make sense of and share the results with relevant stakeholders in your country to critically review national and subnational level program outcomes and set strategic goals and improve the program and disease outcomes.AllAlld_Using the estimatesAugust 31, 202128 MB31allalld_using-the-estimates
50SCause of death Sankey diagram toolA tool that assists country teams to visualise cause of death reallocation by sex, 5 year age group, and calendar year.AllAllf_Additional helpAugust 31, 20211 MB50sallallf_additional-help
51CChecking population size estimatesProvides an overview of the importance of consistent use of the population size estimates of key populations for concentrated epidemic countries.Concentrated-Using key population survey dataEPP concf_Additional helpAugust 31, 202123 MB51cconcentrated_using_key_population_survey_dataepp_concf_additional-help
76DGuide 6, Data Quality Standards of PracticeLeading practices for HIV data quality and provides standards countries may use to assemble the highest possible quality of programme data for their HIV estimates.AllAllg_User guideAugust 31, 2021385 KB76dallallg_user_guide
74DGuide 4, Preparing Naomi data inputsGuide to preparing Naomi data inputsGeneralizedNaomig_User guideAugust 31, 20213 MB74dgeneralizednaomig_user_guide
78DGuide 8, Data quality, Indicator Element matrixLeading practices for HIV data quality. Provides details of key indicators and where they are capturedAllAllg_User guideAugust 31, 202123 KB78dallallg_user_guide
77DGuide 7, Data quality, Draft terms of reference for national estimates teamsLeading practices for HIV data quality. Provides an example of a terms of reference that could be used/modified by country HIV estimates teams.AllAllg_User guideSeptember 13, 202124 KB77dallallg_user_guide
01Introduction to the HIV estimates processProvides an overview of the HIV estimates process from why UNAIDS supports the country teams to produce estimates to what the indicators are to who will be involved in the process and how and when the estimates are done and due.AllAlla_OverviewDecember 01, 202113 MB01allalla_overview
11Introduction to Spectrum on the webIntroduction to the web version of Spectrum and how to navigate and use it. AllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)b_Data preparationDecember 01, 202135 MB11allspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelb_data-preparation
41Under the hood: SpectrumA deep dive to understanding SpectrumAllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)e_In-depth model explanationDecember 01, 202134 MB41allspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modele_in-depth-model-explanation
20Basic Steps to update SpectrumExplains the basic steps to update your Spectrum/AIM file for the 2021 estimates.AllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)c_Updating your modelDecember 01, 202140 MB20allspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelc_updating-your-model
32PMTCT stacked barProvides a summary of how to use the PMTCT stacked bar produced in Spectrum to inform your country’s PMTCT strategy and program management.AllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)d_Using the estimatesDecember 01, 202127 MB32allspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modeld_using-the-estimates
53SImporting ECDC or Direct incidence and Uncertainty AnalysisDescribes how to import externally produced country estimates of HIV incidence, specifically a projection of incidence produced using the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) HIV Modelling Tool, or from another model, which can be incorporated using the ‘Direct incidence input’.Concentrated-Using key population survey dataCSAVR Modulef_Additional helpDecember 01, 20211 MB53sconcentrated_using_key_population_survey_datacsavr_modulef_additional-help
13GHow to use the ADR NavigatorA workflow manager, interoperable with HIV Tools, which guides country estimates users through a tailored experience, checking the status of essential tasks and providing technical assistance along the user’s journey GeneralizedADR (AIDS Data Repository), Naomi, Navigator, Shiny 90, Spectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)b_Data preparationDecember 02, 202155 MB13ggeneralizedadr_aids_data_repository naomi navigator shiny_90 spectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelb_data-preparation
56VMMC Data Preparation and UploadA description of how to update data for use in the Avenir district male circumcision modelGeneralizedDMPPT2c_Updating your modelJanuary 06, 2022730 KB56generalizeddmppt2c_updating-your-model
79DGuide 9. Key Populations Workbook GuidanceExplanation of how to complete the key population workbook and how to attach to SpectrumGeneralizedSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)g_User guideJanuary 06, 2022313 KB79dgeneralizedspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelg_user_guide
04CWelcome 2022 presentationAn introduction to the estimates process and an overview of the available tools and resource materials Concentrated-Using case surveillance dataCSAVR Module, EPP conca_OverviewJanuary 19, 2022396 KB04cconcentrated_using_case_surveillance_datacsavr_module epp_conca_overview
14GKey Population WorkbookA tool to guide the standardized collation and review of key population indicators which will be used to distribute new HIV infections by key populationAllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)b_Data preparationJanuary 21, 20223 MB14gallspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelb_data-preparation
72GGuide 2, Spectrum basic stepsBasic steps to use Spectrum and generate national HIV estimatesGeneralizedSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)g_User guideDecember 02, 202258 KB72ggeneralizedspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelg_user_guide
71GGuide 1, Changes to the models and impactMajor changes in the modelled estimates and their impact on the results for 2022GeneralizedAllg_User guideDecember 02, 202222 KB71ggeneralizedallg_user_guide
75DGuide 5, Naomi quick startInstructions for using the Naomi modelGeneralizedNaomig_User guideJanuary 04, 20231 MB75dgeneralizednaomig_user_guide
12GHow to use the ADRProvides the rational for the AIDS Data repository and advantages of using it to help manage the development of subnational estimatesGeneralizedADR (AIDS Data Repository)b_Data preparationJanuary 11, 20233 MB12ggeneralizedadr_aids_data_repositoryb_data-preparation
04GHIV estimates overview 2023, GeneralizedAn overview of the HIV estimates process for 2023, GeneralizedGeneralizedAlla_OverviewJanuary 11, 202304ggeneralizedalla_overview
23GGenerating knowledge of HIV status estimatesProvides the information on the motivation and concept behind the tool as well as the steps to use it to produce an estimate of knowledge of HIV status for generalized epidemic countries.GeneralizedShiny 90c_Updating your modelJanuary 11, 20236 MB23ggeneralizedshiny_90c_updating-your-model
22GNaomi sub-national estimates: Data review function in NaomiThe data review function in Naomi allows users to examine input data for possible inconsistenciesGeneralizedNaomib_Data preparationJanuary 11, 20235 MB22ggeneralizednaomib_data-preparation
22GNaomi sub-national estimates: Creating subnational HIV estimatesOverview of Naomi and the basic steps to update the model to produce sub-national estimates.GeneralizedNaomic_Updating your modelJanuary 11, 20237 MB22ggeneralizednaomic_updating-your-model
30Reviewing Spectrum ResultsTakes you through the ‘results’ section of Spectrum to understand them, validate them and how to run uncertainty analysis to further scrutinize your results.AllAlld_Using the estimatesJanuary 11, 2023469 KB30allalld_using-the-estimates
21GBasic steps to update EPP generalizedExplains the steps to update your EPP projections for generalized epidemic countries and how it fits in with and used by Spectrum.GeneralizedEPP genc_Updating your modelJanuary 11, 202350 MB21ggeneralizedepp_genc_updating-your-model
33Understanding the HIV testing and treatment cascadeProvides an overview of the 95-95-95 targets and HIV testing and treatment cascade.AllAlld_Using the estimatesJanuary 11, 202311 MB33allalld_using-the-estimates
03What’s new for 2023Provides an overview of key new features within SpectrumAllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)a_OverviewJanuary 11, 20231 MB03allspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modela_overview
73DGuide 3, Updating Spectrum HIV estimatesGuide for updating Spectrum HIV estimatesAllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)g_User guideJanuary 19, 20234 MB73dallspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelg_user_guide
21CBasic Steps to update EPP concentratedExplains the basic steps to update your EPP projections (for concentrated epidemics)Concentrated-Using case surveillance dataEPP concc_Updating your modelJanuary 21, 20234 MB21cconcentrated_using_case_surveillance_dataepp_concc_updating-your-model
02Basic overview of models used to generate estimatesBasic overview of the mathematical models used to generate HIV estimates AllAlla_OverviewMarch 28, 2023567 KB02allalla_overview
10GData required for the estimates: generalizedAn overview of the process for generalized epidemic countries and what input data is needed to prepare for the estimatesGeneralizedAllb_Data preparationMarch 28, 20238 MB10ggeneralizedallb_data-preparation
04COverview-2023-estimates-ConcentratedAn overview of models used to generate HIV estimates for concentrated epidemics and summary of major changes to Spectrum/AIM for 2023AllAlla_OverviewApril 01, 2023692 KB04callalla_overview
72CGuide 2, Spectrum basic stepsBasic steps to use Spectrum and generate national HIV estimatesAllSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)g_User guideMay 02, 202364 KB72callspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelg_user_guide
71CGuide 1, Changes to the models and impactMajor changes in the modelled estimates and their impact on the results for 2022Concentrated-Using case surveillance dataSpectrum's AIM (AIDS Impact Model)g_User guideMay 02, 202324 KB71cconcentrated_using_case_surveillance_dataspectrums_aim_aids_impact_modelg_user_guide
21S21S-Basic Steps to Update CSAVRExplains the basic steps to update your CSAVR and run the projectionConcentrated-Using case surveillance dataCSAVR Modulec_Updating your model, e_In-depth model explanationMay 02, 202310 MB21sconcentrated_using_case_surveillance_datacsavr_modulec_updating-your-model e_in-depth-model-explanation
80bPSE toolAGYW and ABYM PSE tool, June 5, 2023August 01, 202372 MB80b

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